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Deed Restrictions

The following is meant to summarize the most common questions most people have regarding our deed restrictions. If there are other things not listed here that you would like more information about, you may refer to the full document link below or call us for clarification.

Building/Site Improvements

  • Buildings, structures, fences, walls or improvements of any kind or nature must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee (“ARC”) prior to construction and completed by an approved builder.

  • Floorplans of dwellings to be located in the subdivision shall be limited to those approved by the ARC to maintain uniformity of appearance of the development.

  • All structures or dwellings must be completed within twelve (12) months from start date.

  • Each dwelling is limited to maximum of two (2) stories and must contain 1,200 minimum square feet of air-conditioned floor area (exclusive of all porches, garages or breezeways attached to the main dwelling).

  • All roofs shall be constructed of metal or other materials approved by the ARC.

  • The exterior surface of all residential dwellings shall be constructed of materials approved by the ARC.

  • The removal of trees within the Property must be approved by the ARC.

  • Setback requirements are (20) feet along the front and rear of the Lot and (10) feet along the sides of the Lot.

  • Exterior fences bordering the roads shall be installed by the Declarant at a cost of $11.00/linear foot and in order to maintain a uniform appearance of the subdivision. All other fencing is subject to review by the ARC.

  • The roadside fence must be installed within six months of the lot closing. • No signs shall be displayed to the public view on any Lot, except for the developer, or the builder during the construction period. Any other signs must be approved by the ARC.

  • HR will construct a fresh water supply system within the Subdivision, which will be conveyed to the City of Callisburg. The City has waived its typical water connection fee in exchange for certain payments by HR. Each Owner agrees to pay a fee of $1,800.00 to HR upon the earlier to occur of (a) twelve months from the date of purchase, or (b) the date of construction. Owner agrees to pay City its usual tap fees.

  • Electric service of the type known as 120/240 volt, single phase, 3 wire, 60 cycle, alternating current has been made available to the Lot(s) to the edge of the lot line.

  • Members shall be responsible for disposing household garbage and horse manure. 

  • No temporary structure of any kind shall be erected or placed upon any Lot.

  • No junk vehicles, appliances or vehicles in disrepair or neglect shall be stored, repaired or displayed on any Lot, street or otherwise in the subdivision unless such vehicle or equipment is kept in an enclosed space and is concealed from view by neighboring residences and roads.

  • No noxious or offensive activity or pollution emitting sight/sound/smell, as determined by the ARC, shall be conducted or permitted on any portion of the Properties.

  • No poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept on any Lot. Two of a horse, cow, bull, sheep or goat may be kept per acre on any Lot. Swine or fowl shall not be allowed on any Lot. All animals must be kept and confined within an enclosed portion of the Owners Lot.

  • No commercial kennels or commercial dog boarding facilities shall be allowed on any Lot.

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