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Purchasing Process

Now that you’ve decided on a lot at the ranch, there are several steps that should be considered in the entire process of making Horseman's Ranch your new home.


Land Purchase

The first step in your move to Horseman's Ranch is to select the ideal site that meets your needs and purchase the land.


You begin by placing a $2,000 deposit on the land and signing a purchase contract. The contract is a standard Texas Real Estate Commission contract. The contract and deposit is sent to our local title company.


A visit to Horseman's Ranch is usually a pleasing surprise for our visitors, hence we understand the possibility of making an emotional decision. Therefore, we allow you to have an unconditional 7 days to back out and receive a full refund. You will not find us "Selling" you land as we know we will be neighbors and want the decision to be right for both of us.


A lot of our customers choose to pay cash for the land. Many take out an equity line of credit on their principal residence, as this is still the cheapest form of finance to buy land. Others choose to work with a local bank to finance the land or a land/home combined loan.


Land Improvements

In land planning, there are important decisions to consider. Some of the great questions that you may need to answer are these:

  • Which way should I face my front and rear doors?

  • How big a pad site will I need and can I use existing soil?

  • Which way should I turn my horses out?

  • How should my driveway and parking layout?

  • Where is my septic system to be located and will it be conventional or aerobic?

  • Where and how will electricity reach my home?

  • Where and how will my waterlines go?

  • Do I want automatic outdoor water for my livestock?

  • How about my fencing, paddocks, and turnouts be arranged?

  • Should I plan on underground propane?

  • What about hay storage?


Making these decisions prior to moving any dirt is essential if one wants a low maintenance, effective horse ranch. Furthermore, it will cost less to implement these choices in advance and in the proper sequence than to try to identify problems as you go.


Home Building Phase


Once you have purchased a lot, you may choose from any of the many great home builders available in the Whitesboro, Gainesville, Cooke County area and build any style home. Remember, there is no requirement that you begin building on your lot within a specified time period from land purchase.


We're Here to Help


The developers of Horseman's Ranch will do everything we can to help you through the thinking process of improving the land and the legwork and planning stage of building your dream home.

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