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Homeowner's Association

The Horseman's Ranch Owners Association (HROA) membership at Horseman's Ranch is mandatory.

Dues are $850 per year for each lot.

HOA membership provides for maintenance of our community roadways, riding trails and amenities and gives you full access to all HR shared amenities.

Common Amenities Shared by HR Homeowners

  • Common properties include the arena, the community center park and clubhouse, and the easements between and around the outside property lines for the equestrian trail.

  • Property Owners have a non-exclusive right and easement of enjoyment and use of the equestrian trails.

  • The trail may be used for walking, exercising or trotting horses; however, no motorized vehicles are allowed.

  • The arena is located in the common area near the center of the subdivision. It is designed and maintained for the purpose of roping, reining, cutting, barrel racing and other recreational equine sports.


Arena Livestock

  • Costs for maintaining applicable livestock is established and administered by a separate livestock subcommittee of the HROA. Involvement in this group is optional for each lot owner.

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