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Our Story

The developer of Horseman's Ranch has considerable direct experience determining what works and what doesn't in a horse community. The first development, formulated years ago, was a multi-use environment. There was a golf course for the golfers, a lake for the boaters and fishermen and an equestrian center for the horse folks. Something for everyone, right? Unfortunately, that proved to add complexity, not serenity to the country lifestyle.​


Homeowners’ association meetings seemed to address poop in the roads more than community improvements, as lifestyle interests conflicted. The size of the community was good, but the focus too broad. The formula needed tweaking to simplify the lives of its residents.

Learning from that experience, the next development in 

Stephenville, Texas ‘Horseman's Ranch, Morgan Mills’ was devoted entirely to equines. This development focused on the benefits of country life with proximity to big city conveniences. Organized country living was born!

Smack in the center of rodeo country, the development was enthusiastically welcomed. The large arenas, trails and focus on the horse resulted in a quick sale of all available lots. This community of like-minded landowners didn’t suffer from the ‘golf course, lake or equestrian facility’ syndrome. The simple, organized country formula worked!


So in 2006, National Ropers Supply (NRS) and Horseman's Ranch came together to offer a premiere housing development for horse owners in North Central Texas-Horse Country. This area of the state, known for its sandy loam soil, equine breeding farms, equine reproduction specialists and professional horse trainers, became the perfect spot for implementing a decade or more of learning.


NRS, a foundation partner in all things related to the sport of roping, brought a keen insight into the needs of ropers, reiners, cutters and penners. They designed and built a competition quality, covered roping arena for Horseman's Ranch residents. Coupled with the experiences of the original


Horseman's Ranch developer, this team proceeded to map out a beautiful community of 5 to 10 acre lots with all shared roadsides bordered by gleaming white vinyl fencing. This unified look creates such a feeling of peace and unity (with the added benefit of glowing in the moonlight)!

In the heart of the development, they then built a community center, with kitchen, dining area, living room and bath with shower. This center is the focal point of the community and its events. Trails throughout the community are mowed and maintained for both equestrian and hiking use. Wildlife abounds, yet it’s quiet enough to awaken to birdsong or nickers coming from your attached barn. This improved formula works even better! Join us and see for yourself. 



Yes, life is good at Horseman’s Ranch.

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