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The Roads at the Ranch

At completion of each development phase throughout Horseman's Ranch, you will find two course chip and seal roads. Chip and seal is the same method used throughout the state of Texas for most “Farm to Market” Roads. It is one of the oldest methods and most successful of road surfacing. In many countries it is used for high volume roads. All over the U.S. it is used for pavement preservation. Chip and seal roads create a beautiful, finished look that will extend pavement life for the community. This also eliminates dust concerns caused by gravel roads and will cost less in the long run.


You will find gravel in parts of the development where active building is being conducted. This is to prevent large trucks and installation equipment from damaging a final chip and seal road. Once building is completed in each major phase, the chip and seal road is installed. Once the development is completely sold out with full chip and seal installation, Cooke County will take over maintenance of the interior roads.

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